Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bethanny Has A Broken Wrist

And now she has a cute pink cast! She was running into the house and fell forward - then we had to go to the ER! UGH. But this is a water proof cast so she will be able to go to swimming lessons. YEAH. Anyway, we blinged it up with some Hot Fix Rhinestones I got on EBAY for my other projects but have not used yet. So, if you have to have a cast as a kid then it might as well be cute.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I read the best book! NO MORE MONDAYS!

I read No More Mondays and I was so inspired! It's about how we find what we need to do through thinking about where you want to go. Some of the stuff in there is common sense but a lot of it just rang true! I do so enjoy the work I do, I love getting to travel but I continue to struggle with the Mommy stuff - like wanting to be home!
So, I read this because I listen to Dave Ramsey a lot and I love his book -
and he mentions Dan Miller as an inspiration. If you know me you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dave Ramsey and am following the Total Money Makeover.

I am not going to do a whole review on it because I returned it to the Library, but I will say that I did BUY 48 Days to the work you love - after I read the No More Mondays and I am going to start finding a way to love the things I do!

Best part is - Dan Miller and Dave Ramsey both have a podcast that I download to my ITouch and listen to while I work out or in the car. You should try it.