Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to Wear an Oblong or Rectangular Scarf

Oblong scarves are just the latest in the way to wear fashion!  You may call them a rectangular scarf, oblong scarf, pashmina scarf, or other term.  They are so good for you to include in your wardrobe because of their flexibility and difference.  Why wear the same things over and over? 
Here are a few ways to wear an oblong scarf for the fall -

1.     Fold scarf in half lengthwise and wear like a tie!  To do this you fold the scarf in half lengthwise.  You fold it in half again and place it around your neck.  You pull the ends through the half fold and you have a tie!

2.     Wrap around your neck wrap!  Lay one part of the scarf on one side, then wrap the scarf around the neck and lay the other side down the front.  You will be in love!

3.     Laid around the neck - you can just put it around your neck and let
the sides fall along the front.  You will be able also to throw one of the sides over your shoulder.  That would look pretty good!

Scarves are so popular right now and reasonably priced for you to keep warm and be a fun accessory to wear.

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The first wife said...

Or you could wrap around your hair for a nice looking hijab ;) Thats what I do.... :) Try it girls, you never have to worry about a bad hair day and you get to protect your modesty.....2 for 1 deal! :)