Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Fabric Organizer that works for me

Ok, does anyone who sews know how much or how many of the different fabrics they have? I was browsing through the March 2009 copy of threads magazine ( which always has a lot of nifty ideas that I cannot ever implement, but I found what I was looking for:

on page 18, called the Fabric Inventory Binder. This is going to be awesome for my upcoming craft shows! So many people ask me if I can make them a custom bag, and I am never able to show them what I have. I will be able to have this in a binder at the table, whip it out, and take custom orders. AND, I will be able to plan my projects ahead and match things for my bags so I can take this to the store with me and find the solids or prints that match. I am so excited. It would have been easy enough for me to make, but this one is free and that is the best price of all.
The site has all kinds of organizer sheets for those who want to be more together. You may find something that you can use as well.

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