Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Letter on HealthCare

When will we start seeing health care as a right instead of a privilege?

Being a Registered Dietitian since 1997, I have seen a few different types of health care. I was in the Army, and experienced health care that was provided with no deductibles, no copays and some wait time but not much. After leaving the military, I have had the "privilege" of being employed full time and having health care as an option to pay for. I pay for the benefit for me and my family to the tune of over $500/month, plus co pays and deductibles. The system we have now is neither fun or cost effective. I am also a disabled veteran, and have the opportunity to experience the VA health care system in relation to my disability. Health care with no co pays but with extensive wait times.

So, why did I just explain all of that to you?

Because I have been listening to Congress debate the health care issue for the past several months and I am appalled. To those who have not had the opportunity to work in our health care system, I say you are missing out. It is a very good example of a CASTE system, with levels of care that relate to your ability to pay. And if you cannot pay, you may die of a preventable illness. IN AMERICA? WOW!

I think we should look at health care the way we see public education systems. We as a country would never take away the public school system, and we provide this education to make our country a better place. There are private schools you can attend if you like, but many of our public schools are excellent! Would you say today that someone does not have a right to be educated? Yet, that is exactly what we do with health care. And that is much more of a life or death issue if you ask me. So, we feel that a basic level of education is a necessity and are willing to support it with our dollars. But not the health and well being of our citizens. WHAT?

We should provide clinics and basic health care to all of our citizens, and I don't mind paying for some of it because GUESS WHAT - I already am. Everyone who goes to the ER with a CANCER and gets extensive end of life treatment for a problem that could have been solved sooner through preventative measures costs $$$. Who pays for that? Each and every person with insurance and the suffering of that individual adn their family are not without measure. There is not a price we can set on a life, yet we do when we refuse basic service to our country men.


Nicole said...

Living in Europe, I and all of those around see how America treats health care as a business. Health care cannot be run as a busiess, it just doesn't work. -- Universal Health Care should not be a priviledge, it should be a right.

joven said...

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Serendipity Blog said...

I totally agree...thanks for your sage thoughts!

Annie said...

well said