Monday, September 14, 2009

Training our Boxer Puppy - Cali

I have had the responsibility of taking our new boxer puppy to the training sessions on a weekly basis at Petsmart. We have a really good trainer, and when we get out of the car at Petsmart Cali practically runs to the training room. She just loves it!

But I had a revelation this last week. We are on week 5 and working on greeting strangers. And you work to have the dog sit to meet people. But we have a problem with her jumping on all of us at home. And the trainer says we are probably unconsciously reinforcing that behavior by rewarding it. So, I thought - hummm....

And then it hit me! We can get her to stop jumping on the little one by waiting for good behavior just like we would a stranger! And guess what? It works. She practically wiggles while sitting, but she is trying to sit to be greeted and we don't have to try to work around her jumping all over!

Just thought I would share - positive reinforcement and clicker training really work!


Mary H. said...

Isn't Clicker training a great way to train! I have used it successfully with dogs, horses and a few exotics.

It sounds like you aren't just following the curriculum, but that you are problem solving and really understand how to reapply the things you learn in class. Keep up the good work!

You might be interested in this article that I wrote recently about positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is such a great way to work with dogs (or other animal.)

Mary H.

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