Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to School Accessories

This week’s installment of what to wear fashion is about how to bridge the gap between summer and winter.  Your new school clothes are just waiting to be worn and you want to wear them but it’s still kind of warm in most parts of the country. 

So what to do?  I think you can wear a scarf with a mix of summer and fall clothes so you don’t look too much like you bought all new clothes.  Try to wear a scarf with your new jeans in the belt loops and a short sleeve shirt.  Or add your scarf to the outfit for Friday night’s game and wear it with shorts and a short sleeve cardigan.  Scarves come in a variety of prints and colors so you can get just about anything you need to make it work without spending a lot.  Scarves are a light weight accessory that you can take off or put on with little fuss instead of the sweaters.

For the Friday or Saturday fall sporting event, you can match your scarf to your school colors.  Look around for a floral that fits the colors of your school or a checkered print that will match up to what you need.  Plaids are out that will keep you in the right color family without looking like you tried too hard.  And as the evenings get cooler, you can use the scarf to keep you warm.  Fun and functional – what more do you need?

And as a busy professional, you can get a gorgeous scarf in a neutral without being boring.  Think brown and tan in a floral or cranberry leopard print scarves that flex for many other outfits.  Maybe you wear lots of black or brown (I do so I can make my outfits work) and you are in need of an accessory to bring out the fun.  If you wear lots of neutrals, try to add your favorite “other” color such as red, purple, green or pink.  Animal prints are still in demand, and plaids are going to make a bold statement this fall as well.  So get some plaids that are professional looking and soft to wear but flexible.  Stripes and checkered prints are making their way into the mainstream for the fall too. 

So whether you are a young or older woman looking for a new way to look updated, find a scarf!

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