Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Shapes of Scarves – What’s your favorite way?

Since last week I gave you some information on what I saw at the retailer’s show, I thought I would do some more descriptive information about how scarves are available.  I find them to be very fun and interesting with the variety of colors, patterns and fabric.  Scarves make excellent gifts for family and friends because there is no size involved.  You do not have to know if they wear an XS or XL.  You can keep a few in your gift drawer.  I give them to the kids’ teachers every year, and they love them!!  Bonanzle or Ebay

Ok, basically scarves come in 3 styles – oblong, square or infinity. 

Oblong scarves are the most popular for people to wear.  Possibly because they are the easiest to find.  They come in a huge number of styles.  Scarves are made in both thin and thick fabrics – think summer vs. winter.  Scarves can be made of pashmina or cashmere fibers and mixed with silk or viscose.  Most of the lighter weight scarves are made with more viscose and silk.  The softness is similar with all of the scarves.  To find a pure pashmina scarf made from the special sheep you will pay a great deal more for.  This fall, oblong scarves continue to be popular in all kinds of magazines and fashion shows.

They are made with ruffles on the edges, ruffles down the middle and ruffles pressed into the fabric.  Scarves also come gathered or with ruching type ruffles.  I have to say the increased amount of ruffles and ruching is very complementary for the ladies who wear scarves.  You have the style of the ruffles but without having to buy a new shirt – and you can transfer to any other shirt or outfit with a lot of ease!  What more do you want?

Infinity or cowl neck scarves are very similar to the oblong scarves.  The difference being that they do not have a beginning and end, but rather are a continuous oblong material (whether knitted or cloth).  So, you can still wear them by folding in half and pulling through as the majority of oblongs are worn.  And you can wrap them around your neck and make a double loop but not have to worry that they are going to slip and slide off.  I am adding some cowl and infinity scarves to the fall line up in my stores so watch for the items as they arrive.

Square scarves 40x40 typical can be folded into a triangle and worn in a variety of ways.  The fabric for square scarves comes in cotton, viscose and silk.  I like viscose the best because it feels silky and soft and is very wearable without being hot.  I saw lots of these with print designs on them for the fall at the show in Las Vegas

Lots of the square scarves are styled to have tassels on the edges because of the way they are worn.  Square scarves are great neckwear accessories because they are easy to fold in half like a triangle and wear around your neck like an ascot.  School colors at a fall football game are easy to show off even under a jacket!

Scarves are available in several shapes and lots of fun to wear.  I will feature more ways to wear them in the near future.

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