Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Latest Bag Creation

Ok, so I took some advice from a friend and made a clean/dirty laundry bags. They are for your lingerie to take on trips. She suggested I could make matching bags for people to put their clean underwear, bras, etc in when they go on a trip to keep them separated. Then, when you wear them, you would put them in the dirty bag. If you have ever traveled, you know that it's hard to remember which of the undergarments are "dirty" and which are clean unless it's completely obvious! Gross...
So, I lined the dirty bag with a vinyl liner that looks like lace, and used my stamps and paint to label the bags. As you can see, it's a little faint on the labels. I think I might need to use the stencils, and possibly buy some fabric markers. The vinyl lining material is not easy to work with, so I am buying some vinyl that you can iron on. The vinyl I used is made for table cloths and did not like the iron. So, it would make it tough for a customer to wash and iron the bag. (Always thinking of the customer).
My thoughts on this bag are that I will make the dirty bag only. I am not sure that the clean bag is necessary, as the assumption is that the other clothes are clean. I am hoping that the iron on vinyl will wash well, I should get it in the mail this week or next week. I am going to make a few colors, since it's a fun bag. I am going to try a draw string version and keep the zipper version. Stay posted, I am going to make a bag that guys would buy as well.

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Dorsa said...

Wow - those turned out really nice!!