Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Visits and Thoughts

I just got home from KS visiting family and I think we made it in the nick of time. From what I heard, the roads were turning to ice behind us. We left about 8:30 am today and I am glad we did because with 5 people it's not fun to be stuck somewhere. But we had lots of fun, and the kids got some presents. They got a race track they love and puzzles they have put together a million times. And I am sitting here wrapped up in my turquoise crocheted blanket so warm and cozy.

But most of all, I was inspired by my sister in law, Kim. She is so crafty with scrapbooking stuff. She made the cutest letter/sayings for decor in her house, and now I think I am going to do a few for my craft show in March and see how they go over. Just regular sayings like "Believe" or "Princess" so that they are universal, but if I think of something Easter related it would work. I officially signed up for my first craft show, March 14 in Stillwater, OK. My sister is going to do it with me. I have been buying a few display items so that I can make a really interesting booth that people will like. I will put up some idea pictures when I get the stuff in. I also bought a mannequin type body form so that I don't have to rely on my sister to pose for the handbags. And a foam head for the beanie caps I make.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am looking forward to sewing and whipping up a few new soap recipes. Then in January, I am going to start working on placing my soaps in stores. So, if you own a shop and want to sell handmade soap, let me know!

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