Monday, April 27, 2009


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I love Texas bluebonnets. They are gorgeous. Last week as I was driving through the Dallas area there were just fields and fields of Texas wildflowers on the sides of the road. It reminded me of being a young girl.
My grandmother used to have a lot of flowers, blooming all of the time. We had peonies, irises, buffalo roses, tiger lilies, roses, lilacs, and many others that I can't even remember. I have planted lots of flowers in my flower beds at my house because I cannot stand the thought of not having a pretty sight to look upon. And I truly love it when my children bring picked flowers to me and say "For you mom". They don't bring them to their dad, although he probably wouldn't mind. That is my special thing they do for me.

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~SHANNON~ said...

We live between Dallas & Fort Worth, and I always enjoy this time of the year when the bluebonnets come out! I really have to bring my daughter out to the field of them near us- how can I be the ONLY Texas mom who doesnt have a picture of her kid in the bluebonnets?? lol.

Great photo too:)

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