Thursday, May 28, 2009

A gift for the teachers

Well, at the school/day care that my children attend, it is almost time to change classrooms and get new teachers. So, time to say good bye to the current lovely ladies who have put up with my minions so far this year.

We got report cards and they are doing great. Teachers even claim that they will miss them. I know better - they will not even envy the next teacher.

But in an attempt to recover from some of the forgotten occasions and parties, I made a couple of items to give the teachers for their end of year.

Don't those look nice - it's a shea butter body balm that is scented like chocolate mint (good enough to eat) and a salt scrub that has a ocean breeze fragrance to it.

Easy to make, and I got the tins from Brambleberry. And guess what? The teachers loved them. I got some points back, not that I will ever get them all back.

So, I decided to add these items to my Etsy and Artfire shops. Look for them there with another item, the fizzy bath soak.

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Lamonica Epps said...

Those are great gifts for teachers and I bet your customers will love both items. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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