Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rambling thoughts...

Well, it’s a matter of will power. I don’t know where mine goes sometimes. I really want to lose weight, and I bought a dress to wear in my sister’s wedding (on ebay – custom made). I am going to have it made with a lace up back – my sister’s suggestion so I can get it made now and it can fit tighter later if I lose a lot more weight.

But the way it’s going, about 1 pound a week, is depressing. I am not sure how long I have weighed this much but I know it’s not good. So it’s progress in the right direction. And the clothes are looser, just not falling off. Hopefully I can get my wedding ring off soon. (Yep, I gained so much weight that I can’t get the darn thing off).

And I am so much better with will power when people are around. I find it funny that I have to psych myself up to go out to eat by myself so I won’t over eat. I am better to pick out what I want, order take out – like at Panera or Subway – and leave than to sit in a restaurant. It’s not so much that I even WANT to eat that much – I get full on way less food than I used to. It’s just a hard habit to break. And even though I can have it occasionally, I feel sad without dessert. It was my comfort and friend.

Things that make you go humm…

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