Saturday, September 12, 2009

Will Power Again

So, this time it's a much better story. So far, since I started weight watchers, I have lost a whopping 18 pounds! Man, the clothes fit so much better. And I am hungry a little bit, but not much. And I have exercised once, so who knows what I could do if I got off my butt and started walking 3 days a week!

But I have to tell you that I have pop tarts almost every morning for breakfast, and they are 4 points a pop! So, in an effort to reduce the number of points I eat for breakfast - so I can eat them later - I tried the "Fiber" pop tarts.

Well, I actually kind of like the Strawberry Fiber One poptart - and it's only 3 points so that is kosher for me. Tastes a little dry but not too bad and I can eat it. I also tried the Kellogg's Pop Tart Brand Fiber Pop Tart in chocolate fudge and it was awful! Tasted like I was eating a dry piece of wheat toast. I thought I was eating wheat bread instead of chocolate. Not really worth it. Might feed it to the dog!

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Ann said...

I know the feeling. Before I turned 45 I could eat anything I wanted and never think twice. Now I have to watch everything I put into my mouth. I don't have any will power so I went to a weight loss center, it is not a drastic weight loss program. My doctor, which is a board certified internal medicine specialist, doesn't want me to loose more than 3 pounds per week. So I have lost 23 pounds so far. I don't like the thought that I will always have to be careful, but I guess it goes with age sometimes. Good luck with your program.

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