Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Service Issues and Thoughts

I am often confronted with issues of service, either in my travels or my job. When it comes to a lack of service, I never understand the personal motivation to make something difficult for another person. If you are the person with answers, you should help the person who needs the answers, right? Well, I guess not always…

People who are in a position to provide service to you, whether it is as the gatekeeper (also known as the “no” person) or as the person in charge (also known as the “yes” person) should, in my opinion, endeavor to put themselves in your shoes. For example, I work with information technology departments in my job, and when I started out it took me a while to realize there were certain “hurdles” that most of them made you go through to be “worthy” of their time. More like a maze to be traveled, I quickly found out what questions to ask to get the answers I needed to find my way around those who are standing squarely in my way. What makes me laugh, is when a person believes that by being belligerent, they will either stop the process (which has been approved already at a level higher than they are) or slow it down (which is not desirable). If they slow it down, they will just have to deal with me for a longer period of time instead of getting me over with. I just find that so silly, how sometimes people believe their importance outweighs that of the common good, ie getting the project done on time and on budget. Much the same way that I am amused by people who think they are so important that they must talk on their cell phones until the flight attendant reminds them several times to turn it off, and a that point they just place it in their pocket and don’t turn it off. Thanks to those of you that do that, because your personal needs definitely should come before those of the rest of the plane. (HEHE)

Speaking of Airlines, I was flying home on my favorite airline (NOT!), American Airlines and trying to go standby to get home earlier. (I was going home because my hubby's grandpa died and I needed to let him go to the funeral) What it came down to, was a flight that left 1.5 hrs before mine was scheduled (9:15pm vs. 10:30pm) had filled the economy class but had 6 seats open in first class. The AA supervisor at the station said they would not upgrade people to allow the rest of the standby's who are waiting (there were 4 of us) to have a seat home. WOW! What a waste, I thought. They could have upgraded some soldiers who I know were on the plane to 1st class and I would have gladly taken an economy class seat! But, this person thought it better to deny us a seat (some of the people waited all day because of a missed flight) and "coveted" first class on a 30 minute flight. Once again, AA never fails to disappoint.

But enough of my soap box. Last week after receiving a very rude email and returning the email with a “Thanks for the comments”, I got back an email stating “It was my pleasure.” To which I kindly did not respond, although I will tell you that I wanted to say “And someday, it will be my pleasure to repay in kind the favor you have given me.” (Meaning, well, revenge!) My point is this – never think the world is so big that you will not need someone’s help sooner or later, and you action or inaction will temper their response. Karma, I believe that’s what Earl calls it!

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