Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring is Near, Spring is Near...

Look what I found outside my door this week! Crocus that I planted 2 years ago and they came up last year but I forgot about them until I saw them today. What a way to make the spring feel really close!

My son and his dad also started some seeds inside the house for me and my garden. These are pictures of cucumber seedlings and zinnia seedlings. My son loves to plant (well, for real, he likes to dig) and he had to plant some stuff so we let him. I am going to work on him pulling some weeds over spring break!

And I love cucumbers but last year they didn't do so hot. Probably because I didn't water them enough, but this year, we got a sprinkler system installed and it will do the work that I forget about. So, let's hope for a better outcome.

I hope you have a spring like day where ever you are. I would love to hear about what you are planning on planting for your garden this year. I will add some herbs so I can do some herb infused oils for my soaps! Especially lavender, yummy...

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