Thursday, March 26, 2009

Small Soaps for Deluxe OK

Ok, so yesterday I made 2 8# batches of soap specifically for samples for Deluxe OK to give away. I think I got about 160 bars around 1oz each. So, I will have enough to give to the vendors and the first 50 folks walking in the door! Yeah!
This soap is called Cranberry Spice Swirl, and the light pink swirl is very light but you can see it up close. I cut it today and put my fan on it to dry it out, and I will recruit family to wrap it this weekend.

I will post another pic when it's wrapped so you can see how cute it looks. If you post a comment on the blog and send me an email with your address - nickanny[at!], I will send you a sample bar too!


Funkybella said...

You made us all soap?!
How awsome is that!
Now I really can't wait for Deluxe!

Rachel said...

Cranberry Spice Swirl sounds awesome! Thanks for visiting my doggie site!Truth be told my big dogs are lap dogs too. Give your little Italian Greyhounds a cuddle for me. I bet they're cute!

Mrs. D Lightful said...

Wow that's a ton of soap! You have been a busy woman! My goodness!