Monday, January 5, 2009

It's a Portfolio

Hey, look what I made. I took another pattern that was created for a smaller portfolio with pockets, and enlarged it so that it will hold a 8.5 x 11 pad of paper and some files. And I think it turned out great! The pocket on the inside on the right is just about right for a folder or papers to keep them snug and away from danger, and the extra pocket on top of the other pocket is small for things like a CD or pictures.
So, the other side with the pretty flowers has a hole at the top and will hold a regular sized pad of paper. And it has chipboard in it so that you can have a solid backing. Closed with a ribbon. Excellent.
These colors are for my sister, she loved the two together. And it turned out great with the ribbon on the outside.

So, now I am going to crow a little. Chevas sold some of my soap today - a bar of lovely buttermilk oatmeal. I have been using a bar this weekend and I love it's lather and the little bit of exfoliating it does. Yummy smell as well. I spent the weekend cutting up soap and putting it in the racks to dry. Next week, I am taking a couple of days of vacation and making even more soap. Now if I can only figure out how Quickbooks works...


Dorsa said...

I love the way this looks!!! I think it turned out great!!! Your sister is SOOOO smart. I really do like it!

Mathea said...

Thanks Dorsa. Yep, you are the one who suggested how I put the fabric together!