Monday, January 19, 2009

A New Washing Machine

My old washer, a Kenmore, lasted a long time. My husband had it before we got married and it has taken a lot of abuse. It was a regular top loader machine. I have wanted a front loader machine ever since LG came out with the steam washer about 4 years ago. I have not been able to purchase one as I could not justify paying lots of money for something that was working fine. Well, no longer! My machine broke and luckily we anticipated it and had already bought this machine and ordered it for delivery. So, the old machine stopped pumping out water (yep, that means I got to empty it by hand!) on Friday and this arrived on Saturday.
I love this machine. It uses like, no water, and you can sanitize stuff without using hot water. It gets the clothes really dry when it spins them out, and our dryer is on it's last legs so I guess this will make it last longer, as I will no longer have to dry things twice. Where we live, we use a septic system, so the less water we use, the better for our system. So, I hope the water bill goes down and so does the electric bill. That will be really nice. So, it's a Samsung and there are service people locally, so we should be in good shape. Thanks for taking your time to read about my stuff.

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Tamra said...

Nice washing machine!