Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I sent an email to the random customer service inbox for Best Buy today and stated this:

I called 888-bestbuy because my MP3 player was sent to the wrong address. I changed my delivery address prior to the order, but for some reason (mistakes happen), it shipped to an old address. I have not lived there for almost 2 years and the package shipped USPS so I call to see if the staff could assist me.
First person I spoke with told me it was my fault, nothing they could do, I would just have to suffer (paraphrasing a little). So I asked to speak with a supervisor. The supervisor, who stated his name was JP, got on the phone and cussed me out and said I was completely at fault, why did I not do it right the first time, (yelling the entire time) and when I asked him to stop arguing and yelling at me he said he wasn't, said I would have to go get it out of the mailbox from the other house, and then asked if there was anything else he could do, I said I wanted to speak to his superior and he said "No, you are not going to speak to anyone else, I know the policies and you are not going to get any more time from us" and hung up the phone on me.
It took me a while to calm down and call back. I asked Katrina to let me speak with a supervisor, she asked what the problem was, I explained and she stated she would put in a trouble ticket with the delivery folks and try to get it fixed. If I don't get it by Jan 24, she said I could call back and they would do a lost delivery for it.
It's a $60 MP3 player. I do appreciate the young lady who I spoke with the 2nd time, but I believe whoever I spoke with the 1st time should be fired without question.

I am sure I will get no response.


Duane Waldman said...

Buy from newegg.com and not Best Buy. They are overpriced and have very poor service. Newegg.com has awesome service and prices are most of the time half that of Best buy. Plus half the time it is free shipping and no taxes.

Mathea said...

Thanks, I am going to do that! The MP3 player is a little more but I don't mind for the service.